Life At Alley

We believe in letting our students get the best of both worlds, studying as well as time to enjoy themselves.

Diversified learning Experience

We let you explore your potentials and goals with learning career.

Cultural Festival and Fun fairs

e have routine cultural festivals celebrating our Pakistani culture and heritage as well as fun fairs and book fairs.

Welcome and Farewell party

Every year Alley College holds a Welcome and Farewell party for incoming and outgoing classes

Seminars & Workshops

Routine Seminars and Workshops are organized at Alley Colleges in order to give our students and faculty necessary trainings.

Equality for all genders

Alley College has ensured that we do not discriminate between our students and we therefore have strict policies in place in order to make both genders feel equally comfortable getting their education. A s

Sports Gala

Annual Sports Gala is the culmination of regular sports contests that continue throughout the academic session.


We have several competitions all year around in order to boost the spirit of competitiveness in our students and train them to excel in the real world.